Scroll through our line-up of questions
to learn more about the 1for50 movement.

Scroll through our line-up of questions to learn more about the 1for50 movement.

What does 1for50 do?

We mobilize, equip, and connect local leaders so that we can reach, disciple, and empower children—together. Each leader is equipped with relevant tools and ideas to introduce children to Jesus and to empower them to be Kingdom influencers in their own communities and beyond.

We are able to do all this because of wonderful children’s ministry workers like yourself. We would love to invite you to join the 1for50 community, and you can do so simply by clicking here.  

Why is 1for50 doing what it does?

We have a heart to see every single child touched by the life-changing love of Christ. Currently, there are 2.3 billion children in the world, and 2 out of 3 children do not know Jesus.

We believe that if one leader is trained to reach 50 children, we have the potential to reach every unreached child in the world. It is this belief that drives our mission. To know more about our mission, you can have a look at our vision statement.

If what we are doing strikes a chord in your heart, all you need to do is click here to join us on our mission.

How did 1for50 start?

Our story dates back to July 2008, when over 50 delegates from 32 nations gathered for the first Global Children’s Forum. The group prayed about what God would have them do together to reach and disciple all of the world’s 2.2 billion children.

One of the ideas was to train and equip leaders who would work with children. Could they train one children’s leader for every 50 children in the world? The answer was an enthusiastic YES! This initiative came to be known as the 1for50 initiative, but it quickly grew into a global movement.

Today, we have training going on in at least 110 nations with thousands of participants. You can be one of them, too! Just click here to get started.

Why is it called 1for50?

The name derives from the belief that if one children’s leader is trained for every 50 children, it is possible to reach and disciple every child in the world. One for 50 does not refer to a ratio for children’s ministry. In reality, a leader may work with one, five, ten, or even 100 children!

If you want to be the ‘One’, click here and join thousands of leaders who are impacting the lives of children across the world.  

Where is 1for50 working?

There is 1for50 activity in at least 110 countries. In some countries, regional teams and networks are working to move the vision and training forward; in others, individuals, churches, and organizations have embraced it and are making a difference locally.

Would you like to get in on the action and make a difference in the lives of children in your area? Click here to join 1for50 and get equipped with training, resources, and more. 

Who is involved in 1for50?

We are a group of individuals, churches, organizations, and children’s ministry networks in more than 110 nations. Anyone can get involved, including you! Join the movement and be a part of the 1for50 family.

Who runs 1for50?

1for50 is a movement and not an organization, so we have no office or paid staff. All who are involved in the movement serve as volunteers.

A small global leadership team from various nations and ministries work behind the scenes to coordinate communication, strategic planning, and key global events. National and regional teams give guidance to the movement in their regions.

What type of training does 1for50 do?

Training is at the heart of what we do, so we place special importance on developing training modules that cover various topics, such as:

  • Making disciples
  • Reaching the unreached
  • Engaging families
  • Nurturing the whole child
  • Building God’s Kingdom together
  • Deepening the leader’s heart
  • Partnering with children

As you can see, our training resources are designed to help children’s ministry workers. In fact, some of them are available here on our website. Download our training resources and start using them right away!

If you find these resources helpful and would like to access more, you can do so by joining the 1for50 movement. As a member, you will have exclusive access to specially curated resources to help you serve in your chosen role.

How can I attend a 1for50 training event?

Attending a training event will give you first-hand knowledge of discipling kids, so we highly recommend it. Upcoming training sessions are posted on our website, so look out for one that’s close to you. 

Even better, join the 1for50 movement and get regular updates on training events around the world.

What does it mean to join 1for50?

Joining 1for50 means that you agree with our vision to reach, disciple, and empower children. It also means that you can explore our resources, get involved with training others, and connect with leaders committed to reaching children.

To carry out a vision as big as ours, we will need all the help that we can get, so why not join right away?

My church/organization is already training children’s workers. Why would we want to get involved?

We understand your concern because 1for50 is often mistaken to be an organization or a program. However, 1for50 is actually a movement, which means that our vision can be adapted to any church or Christian organization seeking to reach and disciple children.

In fact, you can use and adapt our curricula to supplement your own training programs! Some of our training resources are available right here on our website. Access them now!

How can I find out about what 1for50 is doing in my nation/region?

We have initial 1for50 activity going on in 110 nations, so we may be quite close to where you are! Join the 1for50 movement and receive our monthly activity update, or contact us at [email protected] to get connected with others in your area.

How can I get 1for50 started in my nation/region?

Starting the 1for50 movement in your nation/region would be wonderful! To begin with, we suggest that you attend an event to learn more and connect with others who are already in the movement.

Global events are held annually, and regional trainings and vision-casting sessions may be happening in your region. So, please keep an eye out for upcoming events on our website.

In the meantime, you can download the ‘Twelve’ training resource, and start training the children’s leaders in your sphere of influence.

Now that you know more about the movement, why not join us to make an impact for the Kingdom?

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