Training for Parents


Work It Out!

Romans 8:28 contains a promise for all of us when times get scary. Dance along with this new song about how God will “Work it Out!”

Training for Parents

Devotions with Milton

Preceding our Enrichment call, "Branding for Gospel Impact," on 27 February 2024, Milton lead us in a short devotional from Acts 13:36.


A Christian School in Nepal is helping children follow Jesus for their lifetimes. Even after they graduate and face challenging times, they remember how God's word was taught and lived out in front of them. Ashim's true story is the story of 1for50: trained, godly, local leaders discipling the next generation.

2023 Reflections

Is the next generation part of your New Year Reflections? Jonathan shares his personal reflections on 2023 as he looks ahead into the New Year.

He Made Them Male and Female

How do we help our children navigate gender confusion? Children in our world today are embracing identities that are quite different from how the Bible defines human identity. As parents and children's workers we struggle with how to answer these difficult questions because we are unsure of the answers ourselves. We love our children and want to accept them for who they are, yet we want them to grow strong in Christ, setting an example to others in their speech, life, love, faith and purity.

Parenting is a Journey

Join Pastor Larry for another one of his 2-minute tips for parents. Keep on persevering on the journey of parenting!

Self Care, Soul Care and Building Resilience for Leaders

Are you close to burnout? Has your ministry become so overwhelming that you feel you are at a breaking point? Have circumstances around you been traumatic and seemed to shake your very foundations? Join Michelle Tolentino as she walks us on a journey of self care. Discover what it means to care for your own soul so that you can heal and be in a better position to help others.

It’s Your Move!

Parenting is can be like playing chess... Do you just react or do you have a plan? Find encouragement from Pastor Larry as he helps us make a plan to teach our kids in the same way God has a plan to help instruct us. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you” Psalm 32:8 (NIV). What's your plan? It's your move. Stock footage provided by

8 Great Smarts

8 Great Smarts is packed with useful, hands-on help for parents and leaders to bring out the best in their unique children. Koch, K. (2016) 8 Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child’s Intelligences. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers. Stock video thanks to

Writing a Family Mission Statement

Parents, do you want to define your family’s purpose using Scripture? Watch this video to learn how to create a Family Mission Statement! You can find our Family Mission Statement template below. Script written by Beth.

Helping Families Disciple Their Children

Join Jenny as she shares practical ideas for putting Deuteronomy 6:6-9 into practice in your family using the some items at your dinner table as reminders. This video is part of a free online course on the 4/14 Academy called "Engaging Families." Check out this course and many others to equip you as you serve the next generation.

The Rope

Find out what a 168-in rope has to do with families. Jenny articulates the importance of a parent's role in discipling the next generation. This video is part of a free course called, "Engaging Families," in the 1for50 Collection on the 4/14 Academy. Check out this course and many other free courses that will equip you in children, youth, and leadership ministry: Stock video thanks to Yan Krukov, Cliff Booth, Edmond Dantès, Monstera, cottonbro, and Tima Miroshnichenko from

Building Relationships with Children

Join Daniel as he shares some practical ways to build trusting relationships with children. Our best example is in how Jesus interacted with children (Mark 10-13-16). We hope this video helps you be more like Jesus! This video is part of a free online course on the 4/14 Academy called "Building Relationships with Children." Check out this course and many others to equip you as you serve the next generation.

How To Help Our Children Better Listen To Us

“How can I get my children to listen to me?” Frustrated parents and children’s workers often ask that question. Jenny gives several simple suggestions for adults to help them communicate in a way to make it easier for children to listen. Source: Markham L. How to Get Your Child to LISTEN! Retrieved from (Accessed September 9, 2021).

Children & Suicide (Part 3): Rebuilding Hope!

There is hope and healing for a child who has struggled with suicide! Join Anto as he shares a story of what this looks like for a family to travel this path of recovery together.

Let’s Get Together

Parent's don't have to be alone in helping their children follow Jesus. Let's get together with multiple generations and enjoy the moments of life and discipleship along the way! Nancy lives this out as she spends time with her grandchildren's family.

Ministries Children Can Do

Join Michelle as she shares some great ideas about how children can serve in and as the church!

What Can We Do?

With the turbulent situations in so many parts of the world, our children may wonder what they can do. Our friends at Weave guide us through simple ways to help our children pray for children and families who are in crisis or challenging situations.

What Children Need From Adults

Join Michelle as she shares about the Wheel of Participation. The spokes represent the key ways in which parents and children's leaders can empower children for ministry! This video is part of a free online course on the 4/14 Academy called "Empowering Children to Be Kingdom Champions." Check out this course and many others to equip you as you serve the next generation.

Handling Outside Influences

  As parents and children’s leaders, we need to be concerned about the things that may negatively influence our children. How do we help our children handle outside influences, using them as opportunities to help our children grow as disciples?

That’s Private!

  Are your young school-age children communicating online with others? Learn to cultivate healthy dialogue with your children to help them understand the difference between information that is safe to share online and information that is risky to share online.

Discipline and Discipleship

We all need help from time to time to know the best ways to discipline our children. Take a few moments and watch this video outlining a Biblical model of discipline that will you help your children grow as disciples.

Four Big Questions for Tough Times

Are your children concerned about what is happening in the world right now? Watch this video and learn how to use four questions to help your children process a difficult situation with a Biblical perspective.

Managing Crisis – A Devotional Thought from Acts

In times of crisis we are called to listen to God and obey what he says. The story of Philip and the Ethiopian reminds us of how God can work powerfully in spite of the crises around us. May you be blessed and encouraged as you watch this video!

Characteristics of Preschool-Aged Children

Learn about the characteristics of preschool-aged children and how to disciple them even from an early age.

Characteristics of Children Ages 6-10 Years Old

Learn about the characteristics of children ages 6-10 and how to encourage them in their mental, spiritual and social development.

Bringing Peace to Children’s Anxiety

How can we respond to crisis in ways that bring peace and calms to our homes? In this video learn ten practical ways to ease children's anxiety in the midst of difficult situations.

Passing on the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Be encouraged and inspired by this great message -- a message of how God can use you as a parent to minister powerfully in the lives of your children.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

As parents, one of our most important responsibilities is to disciple our children. In this video learn the value of doing the small things well in order to help your children grow as disciples.

Dealing with Technology

In many ways technology has been an asset for families. But how can we encourage the responsible and safe use of technology during these challenging times?

Communicating with Your Children Using the “Magic Ratio”

Learn to apply the Magic Ratio to build healthy, loving relationships with your children so they can grow to be confident, secure, resilient adults who love God and love others.

Helping Children Pray Through Anxiety

Are you afraid sometimes? Tony shares with Jolly an important lesson from Philippians 4:6-7 on how to have peace during times of anxiety.

Connecting with Young Children Through Play

What is a child's job? To play! Learn how to connect with your child through play, the foundation of child development.

Empowering Children to Bless Others

What can we do to empower children to love, serve and bless others?

Love Languages of Children

What is your love language? What is your child's love language? Learn how to best show love to each other.

Teaching Your Child to Study the Bible

It is a good day when you realize your child wants to learn from the Bible! Here are some tips to help them learn on their own.

How to Overcome Times of Crisis

Where is our hope during times of crisis? How can we minister to others in crisis? Click here for encouragement and tips on helping others.

The Truth about Parenting

Just because parenting is hard does not mean that you are a bad parent. Receive truth and encouragement from God, the Perfect Parent.

Helping Children Deal with Death

We prepare for so many things in life, but rarely for death. How, then, can we help children deal with the death of a loved one?

Children and Trauma Part I: Recognizing Signs of Trauma in Children

Children are not immune to experiencing loss, and it can have a deep impact. Learn ways to recognize signs of trauma.

Children and Trauma Part 2: Helping Children Cope with Trauma

As parents and caregivers, we can be the tools God uses to administer His love and healing to the hurts of children.

It’s Time for Tea!

How do we replenish our spiritual resources when we're feeling empty? How about brewing a cup of tea?!

Discipling Your Teen

Discipling children does not stop when they become teenagers. Learn some tips to carry on God's mandate as kids get older.

Creative Ways to Pray with Children

Getting children comfortable with prayer helps them to understand that God is always close and accessible, and it offers them space to connect with God.

How Encouragement Empowers our Children

What is more important: praise or encouragement? This fable suggests how best to empower your children.

Jesus’ Great Commission

Teaching the Bible from a "God-sized" lens broadens our perspective of who God is and who we are in light of His purposes.

Hope for the Challenged Parent

Being a parent is part of God's plan, and He knows that we have what we need inside of us to make us great mothers and fathers.

The Power of Blessing Your Children

As we give our children a daily gift of blessing, they will grow to understand that they are loved, valuable, and accepted by us—and by God.


So many things in life appear impossible these days. But what may seem impossible to us IS possible with God. See how a simple nail can remind us of this.

Tantrums: How to Calm a Child with Big Feelings

Because God has uniquely designed and wired our incredible brains, there is a way to support our children's big emotions and teach them emotional regulation and control skills.

Processing the “New Normal” with Kids

Life feels unstable now, like we are trying to cross a flowing stream on big rocks. We do not know when we may lose our balance. How can we help children process this new normal?

Does Your Child Have a Biblical Worldview?

How does your child look at the world and process their life in it? Talking through these questions will reveal their worldview.

Tips for Your Children’s Digital Safety

All of us want our kids to be safe online! Here are some tips from to help your kids stay safe.

How to Better Listen to Your Children

Learn some active listening tips to assure children that we value and prioritize our relationship with them.

Children & Suicide, Part 1: Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Rising rates of suicide--among children and adults--concern all of us. Noticing the warning signs is the first step to helping a child with suicidal thoughts.

Parenting Styles

With which parenting style do you identify most? Effective parents will adjust their style to best match the child or situation.

Healthy Qualities of a Strong Family

A strong family can be a source of emotional support, love, security and protection, which makes the challenges and trials of daily life easier to face.

The North Wind and the Sun

Aesop's fable has much to teach us about helping our children grow to become more like Christ.

Active Listening: A Unique Communication Skill

Did you know listening is an active skill? Check out some tips here on how to encourage communication with your kids.

The Family and the Church as a Team

The more people showing children how God loves them, the better! How can you partner with your church to disciple your children?

Children & Suicide, Part 2: Supporting Children by Strengthening Communication

Part 2 of this series provides practical tips for parents and caregivers to strengthen their relationship and improve communication skills as they work toward health with their child.

Barriers and Builders (Part 1)

Children can either be helped or hindered in developing the skills they will need to be successful as adults. Are you a barrier or a builder for your children?

Helping Children With Depression

Depression affects children of all ages. Here are some tips for you to help your child process their feelings.

Helping Children With Dyslexia

Learn some skills to strengthen the less active areas of the brain caused by dyslexia and help a struggling reader become successful.

Barriers and Builders (Part 2)

Learn more tips to help rather than hinder children in developing the skills they will need to be successful as adults. Are you a barrier or a builder for your children?

Building Relationships with Non-Christian Families

Step out and try some of these practical ideas to reach out to the non-Christian families within your sphere of influence.

The “Talk”

Are you dreading to have "The Talk" with your child? Prompted by Deuteronomy 6, Pastor Larry gives some practical ideas for how to handle these sensitive conversations with your child about their changing bodies.

Bridging the Gap Between Pastors and Parents

How can parents and pastors support each other in the holistic discipleship of children?

Shalom: God’s Dream for All Children

See how God's heart for children is the same as yours--for them to experience wholeness and health.

Follow the Leader

What can a simple game teach us about how to disciple our children?