Work It Out!

Romans 8:28 contains a promise for all of us when times get scary. Dance along with this new song about how God will “Work it Out!”

Ministry Tools

The Farmer and the Turnip

This fun, Russian folktale is a beautiful illustration of what working together can accomplish.

Ministries Children Can Do

Join Michelle as she shares some great ideas about how children can serve in and as the church!

4/14 Academy Instructions

Do you seek to reach the now and the next generation for Christ? The 4/14 Academy is here to equip you with free online training and resources. Join Jonathan as he reveals how with just a few clicks, you can gain skills to make you more effective in your ministry with children. Get started today:

Involving Children in the Story (Part 4 of 6)

How can we involve children in the story as we teach the Bible?

Submit to One Another

Understanding the role of leader and following it for our good.

Stop Judging One Another

Changing the habit of criticizing others and judging them.

Spur One Another On

Finding ways to nudge each other to do what is right and good.

Pray for One Another

Remembering to pray for each other--at the moment and every day.

Offer Hospitality to One Another

Welcoming others and sharing without grumbling.

Live in Peace with One Another

Deciding to be peacemakers at home rather than trouble makers.

Instruct One Another

Helping each other learn and be the best we can be.

Honor One Another

Learning to esteem one another with our words.

Greet One Another

Learning the importance of greeting and acknowledging others in the family.

Fellowship with One Another

Learning that serving together as a family can be fun and a blessing.

Do Not Slander One Another

Learning to guard our words before we use them to hurt each other.

Don’t Grumble Against One Another

Becoming aware of how often we complain about each other and what it does to the family.

Confess to One Another

Learning to admit to others in the family when we hurt them and asking for forgiveness.

Build Up One Another

Discovering some practical ways to encourage and build up others in the family.

Be Humble Toward One Another

Considering others more important than myself.

Be Devoted to One Another

Learning about loyalty that stands with one another no matter what.

Agree with One Another

Helping us focus on the things we have in common instead of the things that are different.

Accept One Another

Learning to welcome each other and respect our differences.

Don’t Provoke One Another

Resisting the temptation to push someone's button just to annoy them.

Be Patient with One Another

Allowing others the time to learn and grow.

Forgive One Another

Learning to forgive and forget.

Harmony with One Another

Valuing and respecting each other without pride and conceit.

Serve One Another

Learning to ask yourself, 'What needs to be done here?'

Love One Another

Learning that love is a decision, not just a feeling.

What Makes a Good Storyteller? (Part 3 of 6)

How can we make hearing the Bible more engaging?

Partnering with Children: Benefits & Challenges

How can we empower children as partners with us in ministry?

Connecting with the Whole Child

How can we teach children to respond in love to God with every part of who they are?

Grasping God’s Word (Part 2 of 6)

How can we help children engage with God's Word?

Why God’s Word? (Part 1 of 6)

Why is God's Word important for children?

Sharing the Gospel Colors

How can you share the gospel with today's children?

The Three-Stone Fire

What does it take to disciple children well?

God’s Heart for Children

What is the vision and heart you have for the children in your sphere of influence?

Our World Today

What are children facing in our world today?

The Lesson of the Two Candles

Sometimes it may seem that investing in children is costly. Let this lesson encourage you about what a great investment it is!

Churches Helping Families

What would happen if the church and the family worked together to see children grow in faith?

The Ministry of a Children’s Leader (Part 2)

Often the task of teaching and discipling children can feel like too much responsibility. How can we carry the burden?

The Ministry of a Children’s Leader (Part 1)

Discover six biblical principles to help children's leaders teach and lead children to grow as disciples.

The Moving Nest Game

Play this fun game to teach leaders (or children) how to work together to build God's Kingdom.

The 6-Nail Challenge: An Object Lesson

Use this object lesson to help your team "open up the possibilities" for reaching kids with the love of Jesus!

Videography Made Simple

It is challenging to stand in front of a camera and record a video!
In this film, therefore, we want to help you use what is available in your home to create the best possible video to share your message to reach, disciple and empower children to become Kingdom champions.

Becoming a Great Storyteller

Great storytellers understand that storytelling is really a conversation, a dialogue between people, an exchange of meaning. Learn how to tell a Bible story that will engage your children with the story.

Praying Through the News with Your Children

Help disciple your children at home by praying through the news together. Learn how in this engaging video.

Coronavirus Rules for Family Discussion

Watch and download this fun video to learn great ideas for how to use the coronavirus safety guidelines to remind children of important truths from God's Word.