1for50 Enrichment Lessons

Trainer, Master Trainer, Regional Champion

The 1for50 Enrichments are interactive, Scripture-rich lessons designed to expand upon the foundational learning of the TWELVE curriculum. The lessons may be used in a collection or individually, depending on your training needs.

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Building Relationships with Children through Play

Discover how play is a powerful tool in building relationships with children.

Classroom Games

Create fun and creative Biblical Learning Games and Guidelines for the classroom.

Communicating with Children

Improve verbal and nonverbal communication with children.

Considering Children in Crisis

Share God's heart for children in crisis and equip leaders to share His love with kids who need it the most.

Drama Experiences

Use drama experiences to help children apply the Bible to their lives.

Managing Classroom Behavior

Provide a calm yet engaging space for kids to learn with these practical ideas for managing classroom behavior.

More Gospel Tools

Make the Gospel easy to understand with these creative and fun ways of sharing Jesus with kids.

More Memory Verse Ideas

Create Memory Verse Activities to help children memorize and apply God's word.

More Outreach Ideas

Equip leaders to reach children in their local communities who need to hear about Jesus.

Needs of a Child

Prayerfully consider practical ways to meet the needs of children in our ministry

Object Lesson Demonstrations

Value the use of object lessons for teaching children difficult spiritual truths and practice making some of your own.

Overcoming Outreach Obstacles

Identify the obstacles and discover God's plan to overcome the challenges of outreach.

Preparing a Bible Story

Value the importance of storytelling to communicate God’s truth to children and generate ideas to share your own.

Spiritual Growth for Families

Encourage parents and children to serve and grow in Jesus together as a family.

Understanding our Children's World

Identify issues that impact children's spiritual growth and discover ways to meet their needs.